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I will give you more detail on how he does it, but first let me just point out that this is a huge reversal of the usual rules of contraception. Testicular swelling may occur as a one-time response due to trauma to the prostate or testicles, or it may become a chronic issue. They are the site of germinationmaturationand transportation of sperm within the testicles. You might also be interested in these: The ladies would come in and out to pee, to brush their teeth, to argue about who'd fed the chickens that day—and it kept his mind somewhat off his burning man parts.

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Obnoxious, yes, but the cultural meme of the hormone-crazed woman is based on very real biological events.

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Testicular Swelling in Cats

Or should I say canni ball ism … Fittingly the day after I got the comment we left Zappa for neutering. The testes are contained within the scrotal saclocated beneath the penis and in front of the anus. The testes grow drastically during pubertywhich occurs from the ages of 11 to Given Sultan's age, and the traumatic event that he recently survived, it would be a good idea to have him seen by your veterinarian. My partner at the time and I made the decision together to have an abortion—a shitty decision for anyone who's ever had to make it, and also a profound one.

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